Grab a soda, some popcorn, make yourself comfortable… Welcome to the Blofield Cinema!

We present to you: Blofield the Movies, featuring Blofield Air Design.

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Blofield Movies

  • Blofield Air Design photoshoot Spring 2013 (behind the scenes)

  • Making-Of: David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Chick

  • Le Grand Hôtel Cannes (subtitles & pictures)

  • Le Grand Hôtel Cannes (Film Festival 2011)

VIP's on Blofield

  • Princess Máxima - Amsterdam City Swim 2012

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Eurosport interview

  • David Guetta featuring Akon - Sexy Chick (official video)

  • Katja Schuurman - PostcodeKanjer

By Blofield Partners

  • A new Phenomenon: Couching! - by Phenomenon Event Services

  • Blofield - by Valiant Hire

Guest appearances by Blofield

  • Pensioen is kinderlijk eenvoudig - BeFrank by Frequin Producties

  • Parool TV - Woonbeurs Amsterdam 2008


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